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What we are doing to help stop the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine Infection Control

Don't neglect your oral health.

We ARE OPEN during the Third Lockdown and Stay at Home order. It is safe to go to the Dentist.

Welcome to Amherstburg Dental. We have always used the best PPE protocol and infection control techniques in our dental office as mandated by our profession even before this pandemic. Since we returned to practice in June, we have used a heightened protocol for the safety of our staff, our office, and our patients. However, the most important tool we have to fight COVID is patient screening. We DO NOT treat COVID positive patients in our office or patients who are suspect of coming into contact with COVID.

Patients are screened twice by our staff before they are allowed to enter our building, screened again by our staff upon arrival and screened again by their attending dentist before they even enter any treatment area. We screen our staff and dentists twice daily and monitor our health throughout the day.

It is SAFE to go to the dentist. Please DO NOT neglect your oral health.

We continue to be OPEN to serve all your dental needs which include routine dental work like FILLINGS, EXAMS, and CLEANINGS. We are free to perform crowns, bridges, implant restoration and many other ELECTIVE services. We are able to perform all deferred, non-essential, and elective services. We are available to existing and NEW PATIENTS for emergency and urgent care. We hope to see all of you very soon!

Please Call us at 519 736-4073 at your earliest convenience to make an appointment today.

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