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About Amherstburg Dental

Our office was established in our beloved town of Amherstburg more than half a century ago. A single minded approach to treating patients had been acceptable back in the old days of dentistry. Today technology gives us wonderful advancements in the way we can serve our clients. We envisioned a team approach to dental treatment in our office and we are pleased to say that this vision has been wildly successful. We really feel that customer service does not have to be a lost art. We have made it our goal is to accommodate you to the best of our ability. From the time you arrive to meet our welcoming reception staff, you will be reassured that you will have quite a unique and comforting experience at our office. You will find it a very relaxed atmosphere. The dentists and staff who make up our office dental team were hand picked for their ability, professionalism, courtesy, skill, and rapport. When you visit us please don’t hesitate to stop us and ask questions, we don’t mind. We will work together to achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Give us a call… We’ll Keep you Smiling.

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