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Tooth Decay Hits Epidemic Proportions!

Tooth Decay Hits Epidemic Proportions!

Most of the major news affiliates have reported that the finding of tooth decay in children in the past several years has hit all time highs. I often get asked if I’ve noticed this in my practice. The answer is a resounding YES! And it’s not just kids being affected, it’s adults too.

Tooth Decay hits epidemic Proportions Amherstburg Dental Emergency DentistPeople are stunned when I tell them they have cavities that they never used to get before. I show them the holes on their xrays and take pictures with my intra-oral digital camera. There may be many who disagree, but the main reason is no fluoride in our water system. For those of my patients who occasionally flossed or not at all, and mostly brushed well, the Fluoride in our water offered a degree of protection. Those days are over. When I ask patients how their flossing is and they tell me they don’t floss or floss inconsistently, I am immediately alarmed! I know I’m going to find something and I usually do. How can we fight this increase in cavities? We have to be super diligent with our flossing and brushing. I am also recommending Fluoride Rinses at least once daily after the normal oral hygiene routine of brushing AND flossing. Even better, lobby your politicians and policy makers to put Fluoride back in the water. That’s just my opinion as your dentist. If you have any questions about cavities, tooth decay, fluoride or you are just concerned that you might have a dental problem, please call Amherstburg Dental at (519) 736-4073 at your earliest convenience to make an appointment. You deserve healthy teeth and gums. We’ll keep you smiling! Regards Dr. Zeljko