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We are OPEN even during the “Lockdown”

We are OPEN even during the “Lockdown”


DON’T WAIT! to see the dentist. Just a reminder that even during “LOCKDOWN” we ARE OPEN! Dental offices are considered essential services. So even though our area have been declared “grey” and in “lockdown” by public health advisors for at least 28 days, Dentists are among health care providers that CAN STAY OPEN using the current protocols; in effect mandated by the governing body of our profession. So IT IS SAFE to go to the dentist as I stated in several previous posts. We will NOT BE CANCELLING procedures and we ARE ABLE to perform all procedures until otherwise instructed. The most important tool we have to fight COVID is patient screening. We DO NOT treat COVID positive patients in our office or patients who are suspect of coming into contact with COVID. We were safe before COVID and continue to be even safer during the ongoing pandemic. If you are waiting “until this is over”, you’re going to be waiting years. Please DO NOT neglect your teeth. Feel free to call Amherstburg Dental if you need our help at 519 736-4073.

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