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COVID delayed dental care and now there are MORE cavities than ever! Read the JCDA article…

JCDA PROOF! that delayed dental care due to the pandemic has caused MORE cavities and oral health problems than ever before. A recent article just released in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association (JCDA) concluded that their study showed the Pandemic impact on oral health was bad! “As we continue to navigate the pandemic, […]

Extended Dental Office Hours

We are open on Tuesdays until 7pm and Saturdays until 1pm for your convenience. Feel free to call us to schedule an appointment for all your dental needs at your earliest convenience at 519 736-4073. We create great smile, we’ll keep you smiling! Dr. Z

We are OPEN during the THIRD lockdown and stay at home order. Dentists are essential!

As we face yet ANOTHER stay at home order during yet another shutdown, Amherstburg Dental remains open to serve all your dental needs including emergency and elective dental services like cleanings. We have all been vaccinated and we screen for all COVID cases. We DO NOT treat patients suspect of being exposed to COVID and […]

We are OPEN even during the “Lockdown”

  DON’T WAIT! to see the dentist. Just a reminder that even during “LOCKDOWN” we ARE OPEN! Dental offices are considered essential services. So even though our area have been declared “grey” and in “lockdown” by public health advisors for at least 28 days, Dentists are among health care providers that CAN STAY OPEN using […]

It is SAFE to go to the dentist.

We have always used the best PPE protocol and infection control techniques in our dental office as mandated by our profession even before this pandemic. Since we returned to practice in June, we have used a heightened protocol for the safety of our staff, our office, and our patients. However, the most important tool we […]

What if I can’t see my regular Dentist?

I am finding out that many dental offices are STILL NOT open! We have been open now at AMHERSTBURG DENTAL for past 2 months to help with all your dental needs which include routine dental work like CLEANINGS. Yes we are doing cleanings! We ARE accepting new patients and are available to patients who are […]


Amherstburg Dental has always maintained the best infection control and cross contamination elimination protocols due to the stringent standards demanded by our profession. We meet all of the updated current provincial guidelines for the management of COVID-19 safety. Our goal is to strive to exceed all infection protection and control protocols with enhanced measures. For […]

Amherstburg Dental adds another Dentist to serve you even Better

Amherstburg Dental would like to welcome Dr. Ruchi Sheth who has recently joined us as an additional General Dentist in our dental office. Dr. Jerri Ann Buxton and I are proud to be working along side our new colleague. Dr. Ruchi will be practicing general, family and cosmetic dentistry here at Amherstburg Dental on a […]

Happy Holidays 2016 and Holiday Office Hours

The Office Hours for the 2016 Christmas Season are listed below: Thursday, December 22nd 8am to 5pm Friday, December 23rd CLOSED Saturday, December 24th CLOSED Sunday, December 25th CLOSED Monday, December 26th CLOSED Tuesday, December 27th 8am to 5pm Wednesday, December 28th 9am to 7pm Thursday, December 29th 8am to 5pm Friday, December 30th 8am […]

Amherstburg Dental Enjoy Christmas Party at Wolfhead Distillary

Happy Holiday’s to one and all. Here is our Amherstburg Dental Crew enjoying the tour, beverages, and restaurant at Wolfhead Distillary. Thank you to our wonderful hosts! It was a great experience. Regards Dr. Z

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