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Digital Doc IRIS Intra-Oral Camera is now at the NEW Amherstburg Dental

Digital Doc IRIS Intra-Oral Camera is now at the NEW Amherstburg Dental

I am proud to introduce yet another wonderful tool now that we can use at the NEW Amherstburg Dental. It’s called the Digital Doc IRIS Intra-Oral Digital Camera. I have found many uses for it. We can take pictures of your teeth for before and after purposes. Full face pictures for InvisAlign braces. Or highly detailed pictures of single teeth or surface on that one tooth. Then we can display it on both monitors to share our findings with the patient and come up with a more accurate plan of treatment. Such as the following case. The digital x-ray showed something was not right with the middle tooth. But only until we were able to take a closer picture of the tooth by itself and actually look inside the tooth in real-time with the Digital Doc IRIS camera, did we really discover how serious the problem was. A complete fracture!!! That’s the dark line. Unfortunately the tooth could not be saved, but we saved this patient time, money, and aggravation trying to attempt to save an unfixable tooth. I love my new office more everyday and so do our patients!!!

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