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Kids don’t chew on your mouthguard

Kids don’t chew on your mouthguard

Hello everyone! I Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving.

I just wanted to comment about the proper use of mouthguards, especially hockey mouthguards. Hockey mouthguards can be any color or style. They do not require a strap if they are form fitted to the upper teeth and roof of the mouth by way of being custom made by a dentist. The only exception is a clear mouthguard that is form fitted. It needs a strap to attach to the helmet’s face mask. All boil & bite or stock hockey mouthguards need a strap to attach to the helmet’s face mask. The best way to wear your custom made form fitted mouthguard is…well…in your mouth. This simple instruction seems to escape our youth, their parents, their coaches, and our superstar athletes. Check out last year’s videogame cover for this NHL hockey game. 



The Chicago Blackhawk’s Patrick Kane is notorious for wearing his mouthguard improperly and habitually chewing it. I hate to sound like Don Cherry here, but listen kids…Wear your mouthguard in your mouth…and don’t chew it. Most of the time, any sore spots that occur is the result of improper use or deformation of your mouthguard from chewing it. Not wearing your mouthguard properly is like not wearing a mouthguard at all. Just ask Patrick Kane’s teammate Duncan Keith… 


Never clean your mouthguard in hot or warm water. Always clean it in cold water with a soft brush and toothpaste or dish soap. Rinse it well and store it dry after every use. Coaches and parents need to encourage proper mouthguard use. I still see many coaches skating by or with kids wearing their mouthguards at the bottom of the helmet’s cage out of their mouths. Any questions about the fit of your mouthguard feel free to contact us at Amherstburg Dental Family Dentistry at your convenience or email me.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Zeljko