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All About Our Office

Update on NEW Dental Equipment Installation

Here are some pictures from this week's NEW dental equipment beginning to be installed. IMG_6679 Chad Pelletier and the Technicians of Henry Schein working tediously. IMG_6686 And Measuring...And Connecting... IMG_6678 I love the purple. The color scheme was chosen by our CGI-affiliate Designer Victoria Young, my wife Tammy Durocher, and our Project Leader Carl Bernat. The seat cushions and chair fabric are all Smoky Purple as well. IMG_6676 The rear cabinetry is a metal aluminum with a midnight melange stone countertop. You can see the large porcelain tile floors (which need a GOOOD cleaning, construction!!) and the transition to the Marmoleum operatory floors. The computer and monitor still to be installed on that nice silver tray there. You don't see any wires or anything on the floor or above the cabinets?? EXACTLY! Thank you Giovanni, thank you plumbers, thank you electricians, thank you network guys. We did NOTHING simple... IMG_6677 Large spacious operatories (treatment rooms), open yet private. Assistants don't have to enter the rooms to restock instruments into the room. They simply access the back and slip the next new sterile cassette in for the next procedure or next patient. Cool! IMG_6685 Smoky Purple upholstery reminds of the same material you'd see on expensive lady's handbags. IMG_6674 It's finally beginning to look like a reception area. The millwork, cabinets, and countertops are still to come. Lighting and metal accents to follow. Victoria and Tammy have finalized the reception lobby area and waiting lounge furniture. However, they are also actively hunting for contemporary art for the entire office. The Logo Feature Wall still to come. I'm being told we upgraded to a gigantic fireplace which I can't wait to see. The Fireplace Cultured Stone Wall and HD TV set-up are also still to follow. Now crunch time for all the minor details... I'll keep you posted as we near the finish! Regards, Dr. Zeljko

Floors Finished and New Dental Equipment Installation Begins

The porcelain tile and marmoleum  floors were finally completed last week. This week was the week to determine whether or not we could confirm our moving schedule. To my surprise, we are on schedule. The NEW dental cabinetry, stone counter-tops, and dental equipment arrived. It is being set-up this week by our technicians. Well done to all who have aided in seeing this grand project come to fruition and nearing completion. I want to specifically thank Giovanni Oliverio of CGI construction and all of his subcontractors. They did a marvellous job of hiding every wire, cable, and plumbing line. How? MAGIC!! A huge thank you to Chad Pelletier and all the Technicians who aided him from Henry Schein. They have the Herculean task of assembling all the equipment and hundreds of little hoses and wires no one ever sees that makes everything work. And a big Thank You! to our project leader, Carl Bernat of Henry Schein, for hammering out the difficult hurdles and making sure the project proceeded smoothly. So far so good. We are well on our way to completion now. As a result of everyone's combined efforts, I am pleased to announce that after 18 years of practicing Dentistry here in Amherstburg, I will be starting my 19th year in a brand new, high-tech, ultra-modern dental facility. My own practice in my own building. It doesn't get any better than that. All of my current associate dentists will be joining us at the new location. We are scheduled to move June 1st and 2nd, and resume normal operations by late morning on Wednesday, June 3rd. YEAH! During our moving days, you can still call us and make your appointments by calling us at our regular phone number (519) 736-4073. Until the big moving day, we are still seeing all of our patients at our current location. Looking forward to a new beginning,...again. Regards, Dr. Zeljko

Drywall Delivered, Installed and Mudded.

Another update on our new dental office construction. The drywall arrived in huge sections and was carefully installed in less than a week by CGI Contracting. The following pictures show several of the areas of Amherstburg Dental's new offices. The front desk reception area is visible, the entrance to treatment areas, and the premiere wall for our Amherstburg Dental logo. The Patient Lounge Sitting area (waiting room) and where the fireplace, HDTV will be going. It going to be like your home away from home. Some of the Treatment rooms on the left. More of the treatment rooms on the right side and the huge New Sterilization Center with glass partition for our patients to view its workings. The payment area of the reception desk area. drywall deliveryIMG_2669 IMG_2668 IMG_2667 IMG_2666 IMG_2665 More pictures to follow as we go. Upcoming this week is the Tile Floors and 1st coat of Painting. Best Regards- Dr. Z    

Stone Selected for Dental Office Countertops

Here are samples of the stone counter-tops that we are having installed in much of the office including and especially in the reception area. Very modern and elegant! It's a Quartz material called Langdon by Cambria Stone. It is being supplied and expertly installed by Vern, and his team, at Better Made Cabinets. The New Amherstburg Dental will create a visual impact as soon as you walk in! - Dr. Zeljko IMG_2477IMG_2478

New Dental Office Contruction is Actually AHEAD of Schedule

More construction photos! At this point the general construction is AHEAD of schedule. The plumbing and electrical is all roughed in and hidden. And general framing of the office has begun. Below showing how difficult it is to create an open concept office where everything has to be hidden in the floor. A lot of elaborate pain-staking detail to their work. I can actually walk into each individual room now and imagine my new dental clinic coming to life. The reception area and front desk counter-tops support roughed in also. Yeah! -Dr. Zeljko P2100299IMG_2462IMG_2497IMG_2496

Office Cleaned Up & Ready for Concrete Cutting!

The demolition is mostly complete and it's time to cut channels into the concrete floor for plumbing and electrical. Amazing how fast the demo went! IMG_2412 IMG_2413

Demolition has Started on Our New Dental Office

It's very hard to imagine this large space will become a world class dental clinic in a few short months. Looks to me like my General Contractor, Giovanni Oliverio, and the crew of CGI Construction are kicking butt and taking names. Keep up the good work guys!! Bye Bye Video Store, Hello The New Amherstburg Dental - Dr. Z IMG_2371   IMG_6308

Construction Plans Progressing Nicely

Our official construction signs are up. They are huge! You can't miss them. The office floor plan has been finalized. The contractor is finalizing his plan. Tammy and I, and our Henry Schein Rep., Carl Bernat, will be going to pick out our dental cabinets in a week and a half! I'll keep you posted as we progress with pictures and ideas. Coming Spring 2015 So much fun! Regards, Dr Zeljko

The Birth of a brand new office for Amherstburg Dental

We are excited to announce that our dental office will be moving! 10404485_713129222108421_5804922574448894427_n Coming in the spring of 2015, Amherstburg Dental will be moving from our current location at 165 Sandwich Street South to our new home one block down the road. We will be moving into a brand new dental office at our new location at 35 Sandwich Street South which you may already be familiar with as the former 'Movie Gallery/Eye-On Video' building. I want our patients to walk into the new Amherstburg Dental and be awed, inspired, and wowed. Dr. Zeljko Veselinovic and Dr. Jerri Ann Buxton will continue to provide general dentistry at our new location. Planning and construction is well on its way for the new dental office with completion targeted for this coming spring. The building and ample parking lot is accessible off the main road of Sandwich Street. Our goal in finding and designing this space has been to retain the relaxed atmosphere in a bigger and more modern space. We wish for great views with natural light, televisions in the treatment rooms, digital xrays, full computer notation, intraoral cameras and patient-view monitors. We have planned to improve your comfort while upgrading our diagnostic tools. In addition, we will continue to serve you with our impressive business hours tailored to scheduling your appointments at your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you to our new office upon completion this coming spring. While our equipment and work space will be new, our excellent staff and service will be even better. Best Regards, Dr. Zeljko Veselinovic
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