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Dr. Buxton Completes 2010 ERCF Super Santa 4km Run

Dr. Buxton Completes 2010 ERCF Super Santa 4km Run

Congratulations to Dr. Jerri Ann Buxton and her family on completeting the ERCF Super Santa 4K Run & Walk. The event was held on Saturday, November 27th at 5pm in our wonderful town of Amherstburg, Ontario. It took  place just before the Amherstburg Santa Claus parade at which hundreds or people attended. All participants were dressed in Santa Claus suits for the event. From the pictures they took, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Check in with our website regularly to stay informed on Dr. Buxton’s marathons and runs. Her next marathon is in Orlando in January of 2011. 


We will keep you posted and have pictures from the event for you. Good job Dr. Buxton, we are glad you are part of our Amherstburg community! 

Happy Holidays! 
Dr. Zeljko

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In this photo Dr. Buxton and her family are getting ready to start their run by warming up in their santa suits and beards.

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Above, Dr. Buxton and company proudly showing off Dr. Buxton’s Dental Office Amherstburg Dental Family Dentistry at 165 Sandwich Street in Amherstburg, Ontario. Call us for an appointment at your earliest convenience. Dr. Buxton, Dr. Peralta, or Dr. Zeljko would be happy to help you with all your dental needs.