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All About Our Office

Extended Dental Office Hours

Macro close up of woman's mouth eating strawberry. We are open on Tuesdays until 7pm and Saturdays until 1pm for your convenience. Feel free to call us to schedule an appointment for all your dental needs at your earliest convenience at 519 736-4073. We create great smile, we'll keep you smiling! Dr. Z

We are OPEN during the THIRD lockdown and stay at home order. Dentists are essential!

Another Shut Down

As we face yet ANOTHER stay at home order during yet another shutdown, Amherstburg Dental remains open to serve all your dental needs including emergency and elective dental services like cleanings. We have all been vaccinated and we screen for all COVID cases. We DO NOT treat patients suspect of being exposed to COVID and use the highest standard for PPE and infection protocol as demanded by our profession. Please DO NOT ignore your oral health and please go to the dentist. We are here to help you. Call Amherstburg Dental at 519 736-4073. Thanks Dr. Z

We are OPEN even during the “Lockdown”


DON'T WAIT! to see the dentist. Just a reminder that even during "LOCKDOWN" we ARE OPEN! Dental offices are considered essential services. So even though our area have been declared "grey" and in "lockdown" by public health advisors for at least 28 days, Dentists are among health care providers that CAN STAY OPEN using the current protocols; in effect mandated by the governing body of our profession. So IT IS SAFE to go to the dentist as I stated in several previous posts. We will NOT BE CANCELLING procedures and we ARE ABLE to perform all procedures until otherwise instructed. The most important tool we have to fight COVID is patient screening. We DO NOT treat COVID positive patients in our office or patients who are suspect of coming into contact with COVID. We were safe before COVID and continue to be even safer during the ongoing pandemic. If you are waiting "until this is over", you're going to be waiting years. Please DO NOT neglect your teeth. Feel free to call Amherstburg Dental if you need our help at 519 736-4073.

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It is SAFE to go to the dentist.

We have always used the best PPE protocol and infection control techniques in our dental office as mandated by our profession even before this pandemic. Since we returned to practice in June, we have used a heightened protocol for the safety of our staff, our office, and our patients. However, the most important tool we have to fight COVID is patient screening. We DO NOT treat COVID positive patients in our office or patients who are suspect of coming into contact with COVID.

Patients are screened twice by our staff before they are allowed to enter our building, screened again by our staff upon arrival and screened again by their attending dentist before they even enter any treatment area. We screen our staff and dentists twice daily and monitor our health throughout the day. It is SAFE to go to the dentist. Please DO NOT neglect your oral health. We are continuing to provide ALL dental care including regular exams and cleanings. Call Amherstburg Dental at 519 736-4073 to schedule your appointment today.

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Corona Virus COVID-19 Safety Amherstburg Dental Emergency DentistAmherstburg Dental has always maintained the best infection control and cross contamination elimination protocols due to the stringent standards demanded by our profession. We meet all of the updated current provincial guidelines for the management of COVID-19 safety. Our goal is to strive to exceed all infection protection and control protocols with enhanced measures. For your safety, we wish to go well above and beyond the guidelines for the 'new normal' in-person dental care as set by our professional governing bodies.  We have enhanced our dental office with new office renovations designed to help keep you safe and our staff safe; as we always have.     We are now OPEN to serve all your dental needs which include routine dental work like FILLINGS, EXAMS, and CLEANINGS. We are free to perform crowns, bridges, implant restoration and many other ELECTIVE services. We are happy to report that we are able to perform all deferred, non-essential, and elective services that we were unable to perform during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are available to existing and NEW PATIENTS for emergency and urgent care. We have 3 full-time dentists to serve all of your family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry needs.  We hope to see all of you very soon!

Please call Amherstburg Dental at 519 736-4073 at your earliest convenience to make an appointment today.

Amherstburg Dental Open and COVID Safety ready for routine dental work Open DentistAmherstburg Dental COVID safe ready for emrgencies and urgent care

Implementation of Enhanced Care Protocols

Amherstburg Dental ready open for Dental Emegency COVID COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine Isolation

Just to update you with what is happening at our dental office. Amherstburg Dental has always had the best infection control and cross contamination elimination protocols due to the stringent standards demanded by our profession. We are currently in the planning and organizing stages of updating our dental office building with new office renovations. We will have enhanced measures to keep our patients and staff safe; as we always have. We strive to have heightened measures well above and beyond what the current provincial recommendations are as the 'new normal'. We will be re-opening soon to serve all your dental needs as we are allowed. I hope to see all of you very soon!

Call us at 519 736-4073 to inquire about or schedule an upcoming appointment today! Please leave a detailed voicemail so we can attend to you better.

Amherstburg Dental adds another Dentist to serve you even Better

Amherstburg Dental would like to welcome Dr. Ruchi Sheth who has recently joined us as an additional General Dentist in our dental office. Dr. Jerri Ann Buxton and I are proud to be working along side our new colleague. Dr. Ruchi will be practicing general, family and cosmetic dentistry here at Amherstburg Dental on a Full-time basis. She will be working two nights per week and Saturdays for your convenience. She is still taking new patients and we would be pleased to schedule an appointment for you by calling us at 519 736-4073. Happy Holidays! Dr. Z

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2015 Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award Winners!

I am pleased to announce that we returned from the 11th Annual Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards as winners!!!! WE WON !!!!! Our Dental Office, Amherstburg Dental, won the award for "Most Attractive Improvement". I'd like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for the award, it is a huge honour to have been chosen. Thank you to our community for your overwhelming enthusiasm about our new dental office. Thank you to our patients for all your support whom I've been treating now quickly approaching 20 years! Thank you to our Staff for your daily hard work in keeping our office organized and spotless. Thank to our dental suppliers and technicians at Henry Schein Canada. Thank you to my wife, Tammy Durocher, for all your support, esthetic design, and art selection. Also, thank you to Giovanni Oliverio, of CGI Construction and Contracting, for building us one of the Nicest Dental Offices in all of Essex County. The public has spoken. I am very honored. Many thanks and love. Dr. Zeljko Chamber of Commerce Awards 2015 Excellence Award DR ZELJKO  

Amherstburg Dental’s Open House was a Huge Success!!!

Good Morning Everyone! I was very happy with Saturday's turnout for Amherstburg Dental's Open House! It was simply overwhelming how many people attended, especially within the first two hours with a steady stream of cars. We had a packed house for nearly the entire time we put on the event. Thank you to our friends, patients, and supporters for your attendance and love. Thank you to all of you who contributed in helping us put on the event with organization, marketing, and pr...eparation. Thank you to our contractors and advisors for your presence and support. Thank you for all of the new faces from the Amherstburg Community for joining us for the event. I hope to see all of you attending our office as patients regularly. We welcomed so many new patients into our office on Saturday. Thank you for joining our Amherstburg Dental Family as New Patients!!! Thank you to my staff for making the office beautiful and so clean we could literally have eaten off the floors! I am very fortunate to work with such a great group daily. And most of all I want to send out a huge Thank You to my wife, Tammy Durocher. She did all the background running around for the event and tied everything together seamlessly as she does daily with all aspects of our life. I love you very much. Thank you for always supporting me, your support through the entire project and this new chapter of our lives. It's going to be a great week!!!! - Dr. Zeljko joyful-sun-hi

Digital Doc IRIS Intra-Oral Camera is now at the NEW Amherstburg Dental

I am proud to introduce yet another wonderful tool now that we can use at the NEW Amherstburg Dental. It's called the Digital Doc IRIS Intra-Oral Digital Camera. I have found many uses for it. We can take pictures of your teeth for before and after purposes. Full face pictures for InvisAlign braces. Or highly detailed pictures of single teeth or surface on that one tooth. Then we can display it on both monitors to share our findings with the patient and come up with a more ac...curate plan of treatment. Such as the following case. The digital x-ray showed something was not right with the middle tooth. But only until we were able to take a closer picture of the tooth by itself and actually look inside the tooth in real-time with the Digital Doc IRIS camera, did we really discover how serious the problem was. A complete fracture!!! That's the dark line. Unfortunately the tooth could not be saved, but we saved this patient time, money, and aggravation trying to attempt to save an unfixable tooth. I love my new office more everyday and so do our patients!!! IRIS-Perspective-sm Cracked Tooth 3 Cracked tooth 2 Cracked Tooth                                                   If you are interested in visiting us, we'd be pleased to help you. Call us at 519 736-4073. Regards Dr. Z

NEW Diagnostic Tools for Painful Jaw Joints (TMJ – TMD)

Have your jaw joints been sore or painful? Another smart tool we have added to our office here at Amherstburg Dental is the ability to take a digital image of just your jaw joints in both an open and closed position. With the use of our NEW digital imaging system, we can evaluate even more in depth why your jaw is bothering you. The advantage here is being able to take this diagnostic image and evaluate it here in our office while you are here for your cleaning or other exam. Now with the available Sirona software measurement and analysis tools, we can immediately get a clearer picture of what is happening to your jaw joint and make recommendations for treatment right here in our office. Also, we can fabricate the correct type of nightguard that will work best for your specific jaw needs; should it become necessary. Yet another, very cool thing we can do with our new Sirona Orthophos machine!!! Call us at 519 736-4073 to make your appointment today! Regards - Dr. Zeljko Veselinovic - Amherstburg Dental IMG_7009 copy IMG_6979

Making Sinus Problems more easily visible at Amherstburg Dental

Here is another wonderful x-ray our NEW digital imaging system can take. We can now take a picture of your sinuses by themselves. This can help us in trying to figure out if your teeth are actually bothering you or if your sinuses are having a flare up and bothering your teeth instead. This is great help especially this time of year where the weather gets hot and allergies start to run rampant.  We can do this with our new Sirona Orthophos machine. Also Very Cool! IMG_7011 copy Regards - Dr. Zeljko - Amherstburg Dental - Call us at 519 736-4073 to make your appointment today! #sinus infection #sinusitis #orthophos #digital x-rays #digital imaging
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